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I fell off my dad's insurance this year and I've been so concerned about finding coverage. Several other insurance brokers gave me a run around and made things seem so complicated. Trent was kind, professional, and prompt in helping me get covered. Plus he made it happen so fast! It's such a relief to be covered. Thank you, Trent!


Trent was very thorough and accommodating, and found me an insurance plan to fit my needs perfectly! It feels so exciting to know that I don't have to deal with the serious drag of driving way out of town to see a doctor, or having to call at a certain time to get an appointment and pray you get a call's been so long since I've been to a good doctor, I can't wait to see what comes of it, and I never could have done it without Trent's help!


Trent goes above and beyond to help people identify and fill their family's need. You can purchase insurance through a company that looks at you as just a number, or you can go with Trent who actually cares about the people who are in need of insurance. He is very personable and can be trusted to help you find exactly what will be best for you and the family.


Trent has helped with insurance for probably around a year or more and I have had nothing but a wonderful experience. He makes it easy to understand and always willing to help if there’s a problem. Wouldn’t deal with anyone else!!!


We all know how complicated finding the right health insurance plan can be, but with the help and knowledge of Trent's expertise and professionalism, I was able to receive an awesome and affordable plan for my family. Trent has been great, always answers my calls and has went above and beyond to make sure we were all set up and had the best plan for our needs. Trent went out of his way to make sure we met the deadline to receive our insurance coverage. He is a professional and fun guy to work with and would highly recommend him for your Health care needs. TY Trent, you rock!!!


Trent Jones is an amazing man!! He does a great job of answering all questions and working up multiple quotes so you can take the time to figure out which one fits your family. He works tirelessly to help you find what you need. There is never a feeling of pressure to sell you a policy!!


I personally would consider my insurance broker more of a six star rating. He is a genuinely well informative person. I never have been treated better. I feel confident and comfortable asking questions and knowing that he will do his best to give an honest answer and help me in choosing the right plan for my needs. I have, and will continue to recommend him to anyone who is needing his services!

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